About Hincen

Useful. Simple. Good.

Hincen.com is from the small team of development professionals at Hincen Covey LLC.

Everyone on our team has been in the software development world for several years and, in a couple of cases, over twenty-five years. Experience has taught us that the words you see sprinkled around Hincen.com, useful, simple, and good, are worthy goals for any software project.

The order of the words, useful, simple, and good, does not imply prioritization. We are not saying that useful is more important than simple or that good comes last (that would not be good!).

Useful, simple, and good are three equally important objectives we keep in mind as we do our work; if there is any relationship between them, it is that good is often a product of useful and simple.

We hope you will give Hincen a try to see what we mean. If you are already our customer then thank you for your business; we hope you think we have done well.