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General Monitoring Questions

Our first two plans allow checks to be performed every five minutes. For plans above level two, checks can run every two minutes. For details of what is included in each plan, please see the Pricing page.

Mail Loops

A Mail Loop is our way of exercising your email system to detect problems that more basic checks might miss.

Mail Loops check your email receiving systems (including internal or external spam filters), your email internal routing, and your email sending systems in a single operation.

Basically, we send your system test emails and wait for your system to forward them back to us. If we do not receive a return message within the time limit you specify then we will send you an alert.

Setting up a Mail Loop takes just a few minutes, but it does require some configuration on your side. In a nutshell...

  • You set up a test email address on your system, for example: hincen@mycompany.com.
  • Make hincen@mycompany.com forward all messages to “mailtest@hincen.com”.
  • Set up a Mail Loop monitor.
  • We send test messages to hincen@mycompany.com and will alert if they do not come back to us within the time limit you specified when you set up the monitor.

At Hincen, a well-respected company hosts our email services and we still use Mail Loop to keep an eye on things.

Why? Even hosted services have planned and unplanned outages and issues that affect email delivery.

Setting up a Mail Loop is an easy and inexpensive way to:

  • Have a little peace of mind that everything is working
  • Know you need to quickly engage with your email hosting company when everything is not working!

Payments and Credit Cards

We protect it by not knowing it.

When you become a paying customer you will be presented with a pop-up asking for your credit card information. The information you provide goes from your web browser directly to our payment processor, Stripe, and we never see it. After Stripe authenticates your card they send us a special code to use to charge your account going forward and that code is as much as we know.

Your credit card information is never transmitted to, or stored on, any of our systems.

Sorry, we do not accept PayPal. If you are concerned about us having your credit card information, rest assured that we do not. Our payment processor, Stripe, has sole custody of your credit card details.

For details of how this works, please see How do you protect my credit card information?.